Case studies

CHiC University, Chemnitz (Germany)

May 16, 2014



Location & sorroundings: Situated on a University campus
Objective: HPC, Cloud
Size: 140 m2


The CHIC at the TU Chemnitz is a high performance linux cluster. It has 530 nodes connected by Infiniband and 60 TB of storage. It is available to all researchers and students at the TU Chemnitz for their projects. As management system a Mauri batch job scheduler is used.  The CHIC was built in 2007. It is cooled by the Chemnitz district cooling network and uses special racks with integrated heat exchangers to help deal with the high energy density of 42 compute servers in one rack. It has currently an IT load of about 120 kW and has a classic HPC workload profile.