Report of different options for renewable energy supply in Data Centres in Europe

April 30, 2014

This public document lays out different options for the use of renewable power and heat/cold production into Data Centres. In this framework, several renewable energy solutions have been studied, with a special focus on large scale systems:

  • solar thermal
  • solar photovoltaic
  • wind power
  • geothermal
  • sky radiation
  • combined heat and power (CHP) with biomass.

In addition, indirect solutions aimed at increasing the renewable electricity mix ratio have be analysed.

The report includes indicators of the electricity mix in European countries: the share of renewables in the gross electricity production, the primary energy factor, the CO2 emissions factor, the energy dependency rate and the day-ahead spot electricity price. The analysis covers different climate types: Mediterranean, central European, Atlantic European, and northern European climates.