Datacenter Dynamics reports on the European Union’s data centre efforts

February 12, 2015

The RenewIT project is highlighted in a report in the February 2015 edition of DatacenterDynamics magazine. This industry-oriented publication – a relaunch of DatacenterDynamics Focus – is widely read by owners, planners and operators of Data Centres.

The article discusses how the six projects in the Smart City Data Centre research cluster follow on from the earlier CoolEmAll and All4Green research, while also bringing out the unique features of RenewIT in integrating with the local environment and thinking about renewable energy more broadly.


Andrew Donoghue

Ensuring continuing impact from the projects, during and beyond their lifetime, is one of the key issues. “It is quite unique to have six projects covering the same broad areas, but by having multiple approaches to the same problem, the [European] Commission is increasing the possibility of a successful outcome”, according to Andrew Donoghue, research manager with 451 Research, one of the partners in RenewIT.

Another project in the cluster highlighted by the article is GreenDataNet, led by the major power management company Eaton. “If we want to make Data Centres greener, we have to make them smarter”, says product manager Fabrice Roudet, who is leading the company’s involvement in GreenDataNet.

The full magazine, including this article, is available to read online here: