Validation report of technical concepts and energy through case studies

This deliverable explains how the energy models built within the RenewIT project have been validated.


Final RenewIT Tool released

The RenewIT project has released the final version of the free online RenewIT Tool.


RenewIT releases energy efficient Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

The RenewIT project has released the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), a Cloud computing resources manager that integrates energy efficiency metrics as a core objective


Concepts for net zero energy data centre technologies published

The project has published the final version of a catalogue of so-called advanced concepts for renewable powered and energy efficient data centres.


Renewable energy specific data centre monitoring tool

The RenewIT data centre monitoring tool is now available for demonstration and testing via the RenewIT website.


Review of potential renewable solutions for data centres

This document looks at potential renewable energy and cooling solutions for a group of data centres that have cooperated with the RenewIT project.


Renewable energy optimized data center workload models

RenewIT has published a report, and prototype models, detailing its approach to optimising data centre workloads to improve energy efficiency and environmental impact.


Green Data Centre Library

RenewIT deliverable 5.1 provides users interested in Data Center modeling with access to a TRNSYS library specifically developed for the project.


Cluster of Projects Proposes Environmental Efficiency Metrics for Data Centres

RenewIT is one of six projects in a cluster with the global aim of increasing the environmental sustainability of Data Centres. The Cluster has released an initial list of proposed metrics in common across the projects.


Catalogue of advanced technical concepts for Net Zero Energy Data Centres, draft version

The project has released a catalogue of advanced technical concepts for the supply of power and cooling energy in Data Centres in order to achieve Net Zero Energy use.


Metrics for Net Zero Energy Data Centres

RenewIT is pleased to announce the release of public deliverable D3.1, a report on relevant metrics to evaluate the performance of key energy concepts in Data Centres


RenewIT 12 month meeting – Barcelona

RenewIT has reached the end of its first twelve months and looked back on a very successful the first year with a technical meeting followed by a two-day general meeting, fom 30th September to 3rd October, hosted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.


Data Centres: Market Archetypes and Case Studies

This Deliverable describes the Data Centre market and defines archetypes to categorise Data Centres. The reference Data Centres which will be used in case studies during the project are described and mapped onto the archetypes. Public Deliverable with the acknowledgement of the EC services. Content pending validation.


Energy requirements for IT equipment

This Deliverable aims to describe and characterise the energy and indoor quality requirements for IT equipment in Data Centre operation. Public Deliverable with the acknowledgement of the EC services. Content pending validation


Report of different options for renewable energy supply in Data Centres in Europe

This public document lays out different options for the use of renewable power and heat/cold production into Data Centres.