Renewable energy optimized data center workload models

September 2, 2015

RenewIT has published a report, and prototype models, detailing its approach to optimising data centre workloads to improve energy efficiency and environmental impact.
The report covers two main areas. The first part is focused on general power models that describe the power consumption of heterogeneous workloads. The second part of the report describes the basic scheduling and management algorithms that aim to reduce the carbon footprint of a data centre by means of increasing the energy efficiency of the workloads (consolidating them) and increasing the ecological efficiency (scheduling the workloads to coincide with the maximum production of renewable energies).
The project will continue to develop and enhance the research around workload scheduling to maximise use of renewables and produce a follow-up report in 2016.
Also the structure of the prototype and its User Manual is described in the document.
The prototype models are publicly available in the following repository: