Meeting the hidden cost of IT

February 10, 2015

Data Centre image

RenewIT and the Smart City Data Centre Cluster are the topic of a leading article in the latest edition of Horizon, the European Union’s Research and Innovation magazine.

The Horizon article points out that, with 2% of Europe’s energy use and growing, Data Centres use the same amount of energy as the global aviation industry. Owners and operators are increasingly aware of the issue: ‘Data centres are very open to analysing options and solutions because they know that energy costs will increase in the future and are increasing now,’ according to RenewIT project coordinator Dr. Jaume Salom.

RenewIT has the overall aim of encouraging the use of renewable energy sources. This goes hand in hand with energy efficiency efforts to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. Energy efficiency comes first, because the more efficient Data Centres become, the greater proportion of their energy can be sourced from renewable sources such as solar power and wind.

‘Once you have decreased your energy consumption you are in a good position to apply renewables.’

- Dr. Jaume Salom

The article also discusses the related GreenDataNet project, another member of the Smart Cities Data Centre research cluster.

Written by independent journalists on behalf of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Horizon e-magazine is an excellent showcase for the priorities and achievements of European research and its progress towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for all.

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