Press release: Free Tools and Research to tackle Data Centre Energy Use and Reduce CO2 Emissions

December 3, 2015

RenewIT has published its latest press release announcing the tools to be released from the project so far.

The free software tools and associated research are designed to encourage the development of renewable-powered data centres and to improve the energy efficiency of existing facilities, services and equipment.

The tool and research include:

  • The RenewIT Tool: The main output of the project is an online data centre renewable and energy efficiency planning and simulation tool. It will be available for beta testing in early 2016.
  • Renewable energy optimised data centre monitoring tool: an online monitoring tool for data centre operators to manage facilities that generate energy on-site using renewables sources such as solar and wind*.
  • A catalogue of advanced renewable and energy efficiency technologies: a range of data centre design documents to facilitate the integration of renewable and energy efficiency technologies. Examples include combining district heating and cooling networks, re-use of heat, free cooling, and electrical storage.
  • Renewable energy optimised data center workload models. This includes research and prototype models detailing RenewIT’s approach to optimising data centre IT workloads to improve energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.
  • Green data centre library featuring a collection of TRNSYS-based energy components to model both energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

The full release is available from download below.