Renewable energy specific data centre monitoring tool

November 23, 2015

The RenewIT project is developing a range of technologies and research to improve the amount of on-site renewable energy used by data centres.

One of the main project outcomes is a data centre monitoring tool developed specifically to help data centre managers understand how energy generated on-site from solar, wind, or other sources of renewable energy production impact the operational efficiency of their facilities.

The RenewIT monitoring tool is now available for demonstration and testing via the RenewIT website.

By clicking on the login button and entering “Username” and “Password” it is possible to access as a guest. The username is renewitguest and the password is RenGuest (this information are available on the About page, too).

The monitoring system is able to:

  • Acquire data about Data Centre parameters in a flexible way
  • Store data in an efficient time series database
  • Present data in a user friendly GUI

Three reports which provide further information on the monitoring tool are also available for download using the links below

  • An overview of the main features of the data analysis and data presentation system of the monitoring tool
  • An overview of the data acquisition and storage systems behind the monitoring tool
  • A user manual to help with direct use of the monitoring tool. (Further support is also available from the RenewIT consortium).