Case studies

How RenewIT has helped real data centres

September 1, 2016


The RenewIT project  have been working closely with a group of data centre operators since the project began in 2013. These include facilities operated by ING, MediaCloud and a large bank based in southern Europe.

These operators, which we refer to as case studies, have helped to validate the tools and research developed by the project over the last three years. This has included the beta testing of the main output of the project: the RenewIT Tool.

As part of the collaboration, the project has modeled the optimum combination of renewables and energy efficiency measures for each of the seven case study data centres. Fact-sheets detailing the results of this analysis are available via the links below.

We’d once again like to thank for the organizations involved for their help and support over the last three years and look forward to continued cooperation in the future.