RenewIT working with Green@Hospital

July 25, 2014

The EU-funded project Green@Hospital has formed a cooperation with RenewIT. Green@Hospital solution sets have been selected as part of the case studies in RenewIT.

The main purpose of the Green@hospital project is the integration of ICT solutions in order to obtain important energy savings in the hospital sector. These savings will be achieved by the application of new systems/concepts of control, which will enable improvements in energy management and reduce the energy losses of the systems.

The great amount of data collected and made available in through the Green@ platform means that the Green@Hospital solutions are a good example of case studies to be analysed and modelled in the framework of the RenewIT project.

This is an excellent example of how European projects can work together to benefit from the strong points of each.

RenewIT coordinating partner IREC is also a participant in the Green@Hospital project.
You can learn more about Green@Hospital in the video prepared by the project: