WP4 technical meeting

January 13, 2014

The technical meeting of the WP4 of RenewIT was held in DEERNS – Risjswijk (The Netherlands) on 17-18 December 2013 with the participation of DEERNS, IREC, TUC and Aiguasol.

These was the AGENDA:

Tuesday 17th December

• Arrival (9:00 h – 9:15 h)

• Welcome of participants (9:15 h – 9:30 h)

• Detailed presentation of Deliverables D4.1 and D4.2 status and next steps to be done (9:30 h – 12:30 h)

o Deliverable D4.1 report of different possibilities for renewable energy supply in DC – Oriol Gavaldà (AIGUASOL)

o Deliverable D4.2 report of energy requirements for IT equipment – Eduard Oró (IREC)

o Presentation about DC design/simulation tools – Eduard Oró (IREC)

• Lunch (12:30 – 13:30 h)

o Workshop on Data Centre design and construction – Deerns specialists

o Preliminary design (location, surface, type of DC, etc.) (Conceptual specialist / From the users demands to the definition of the conceptual solution)

o Specific design. Standard solution vs. advanced solution

Wednesday 18 th December

• Open discussion about deliverables D4.3, D4.4 and D7.1.

• Discussion about Deliverable D7.1 Data Centres: market, archetypes and Case Studies

o Planning for contact Case Studies and retrieving information from them

• Presentation and discussion about D4.3 and D4.4 – Noah Pflugradt (TUC)

o Defining the reference case(s) linked to market archetypes concepts

o Defining advanced technical concepts