RenewIT at Datacenter Dynamics Converged in Madrid

May 9, 2014

RenewIT will be presented at the DatacenterDynamics Converged conference on 12th June 2014, at Kinépolis, Madrid.

Photo Jaume Salom ENThe DatacenterDynamics events are the world’s largest series of peer-led data centre conferences and expos. In this, the 7th edition of DCD Converged Madrid, attendees will have the opportunity to exchange views with other companies and researchers, share experiences and meet the challenges of the new models of data centres.

In his presentation, project coordinator Jaume Salom will  explain how RenewIT will help data centers to implement energy efficiency measures and make greater use of renewable energy. The RenewIT tools will overcome obstacles to the use of renewable energy sources by providing tools which will enable designers and operators to analyse the potential for exploitation and integration of these energy sources.

Details of this conference and the presentation can be found at (in English) and at (in Spanish).